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A Word of Advice.

I’m kind of busy these days with a lot of things, so time to update the blog is hard to come by. So, apologies to anyone who visits and doesn’t find anything new that’s worthwhile here!

Anyway, so as I’m stuffed up with things to do right now, I thought it would be best to offer some advice to deal with such situations- when you’re so busy you hardly have time to breathe. The best advice that I can give anyone is to keep it real, especially when you’re busy. Really, it often appears to us that we don’t have time for anything, even though a lot can be managed through a little prioritization and time management. Prioritize your life- know what’s important and needs to continue alongside and what can be put off till later, when you have a bit more time. It might seem like a very simple task, but when you’re caught up in the flow, you often don’t realize when you start spending time on things that are trivial comparatively.

One solution that I use to avoid this problem is to take out time to think in solitude, and review what I’m doing, once in a while. Obviously, there are times when I go wrong, but this way I think I can catch the problem early.


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