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I’d like to share this article, which discusses the de-merits of the education system in Pakistan, and why it’s so important to bring about a change in the minds of the young. Creativity, Innovation, Imagination- forgotten words in the vocabulary of Pakistani students, who learn to see the world only as they are taught, without questioning it, or giving thought to it at least! The author does a brilliant job of shedding light on this issue by an interesting narration, which provides food for thought for all.


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I’ve noticed this in Pakistanis in general- they lack a sense of individuality, or independence. I mean- i look at people around the world- proud bearers of their countries- not afraid to show the world who they REALLY are, and what their beliefs are. But I see that lacking in Pakistan. Whether it be tradition, or culture, or the way you talk- even the way you perceive- it seems that we, in general, lack confidence in our own selves, and hence try to copy others opinions and ways. For example, and i quote this example again because i have been exposed to such ‘shallow minded thinking’ of people time and time again, a person with a beard is considered to be some sort of extremist, especially in our age group. Various comments have been directed at me, which I dont need to go in the specifics of. I mean DUDE, I’m living in a so-called Islamic state- do i not even have the right to practice my religion in my own town without being exposed to senseless criticism? Where do people get there ideas from? Definitely from the west-oriented media as i perceive it. Even the so called Pakistani media is but a slave of that. Where is my freedom to live as I will then?

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines defeatism as the attitude of accepting, expecting, or being resigned to defeat, while pessimism is defined as an inclination to emphasize adverse aspects, conditions, and possibilities or to expect the worst possible outcome. Bearing this in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult for one to analyze why such an attitude is found in our countrymen- and indeed in us. On the 14th of August 1947 the foundation of this nation was laid- and with it were laid the seeds of optimism, and belief, and hope. Hope, that we will progress- hope that we will overcome the difficulties facing us and hope that we will finally take our rightful place in this world. But where exactly did this hope lead us? It lead us to disappointment after disappointment, defeat after (more…)

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