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Humanity. What exactly is humanity? It’s the quality, or state, of being human. Very short, by definition, but very profound by depth of it’s meaning. The definition itself is ambigious, but really- any ‘human’ should be able to grasp it’s inner meaning. As humans, it’s just the state of being ourselves, living our lives with our innate senses and feelings, and in a manner that justifies the status of epitome of creation.

So, the question I ask today is- Why do humans find it so difficult to live humanely? It’s one I haven’t found an answer to yet. Where does the difficulty lie in accepting others for who they are, without any sort of discrimination? In realizing that who you are today is but a direct result of coincidence of creation? Why is it so hard, to go beyond these slavish bonds by which we tie ourselves? You could have been any one of the other 6.5 billion people on the face of earth- if you (more…)


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A Word of Advice.

I’m kind of busy these days with a lot of things, so time to update the blog is hard to come by. So, apologies to anyone who visits and doesn’t find anything new that’s worthwhile here!

Anyway, so as I’m stuffed up with things to do right now, I thought it would be best to offer some advice to deal with such situations- when you’re so busy you hardly have time to breathe. The best advice that I can give anyone is to keep it real, especially when you’re busy. Really, it often appears to us that we don’t have time for anything, even though a lot can be managed through a little prioritization and time management. Prioritize your life- know what’s important and needs to continue alongside and what can be put off till later, when you have a bit more time. It might seem like a very simple task, but when you’re caught up in the flow, you often don’t realize when you start spending time on things that are trivial comparatively.

One solution that I use to avoid this problem is to take out time to think in solitude, and review what I’m doing, once in a while. Obviously, there are times when I go wrong, but this way I think I can catch the problem early.

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Makes you think.

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Oblivion is defined as “the state of being unaware or unconscious”

Oblivion is a desire of the weak. For those who can’t stand the test of time, or are too afraid to face the reality.

The desire for oblivion is seen in many forms around us- some are rather obvious, like when the poor fellow who has nothing to look forward to takes intoxicants to keep aloof of  his worldly woes or when a person who’s ‘fed up with life’ commits suicide. However, not all forms of the desire for oblivion are so easily noticed by the naked eye. It’s often seen that a person who is worried over some matter tends to sleep more, or undertake some other activity to keep his mind off the problems he’s facing- this too is a subtle form of the same ‘disease’. Others are even more subtle- like when a person plugs in his earphones and tries to block out the sound of discontent, and the cries around him, calling him to wake up and do something purposeful.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that we spend most of our lives, intentionally or otherwise, trying to hide, looking for a place of refuge, when no such place exists. The reality must be accepted. The Reality must be faced. And only the courageous can do that.

We always try to keep our minds off what we don’t have, to avoid the topic, and never try to make an effort to accept that we haven’t worked hard enough to achieve it. It’s very easy to get into this mentality, but, in my opinion, nearly impossible to get out of it- Because it requires a lot of mental strength. Strength to keep yourself real. Strength to keep yourself relative. And not only once or twice a day, but 24/7.

The desire for oblivion must be cured, and the first step to its cure is to accept the problem. And then try to stay conscious. About our steps, actions, words, and their consequences- in short, everything.

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