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Eid Mubarak!

It was time of the year again, when kids swarm every cow,  goat and camel in the street, and no matter how hard you try, you ultimately fall to one of the ‘cow dung’ traps strategically placed enroute to the masjid 😀

But, today is Eid and over the next few days the animals will disappear from the streets, leaving naught but a few evidences of their brief stay with us. May Allah accept the sacrifice of every Muslim this Eid, and make it one in which we learn the true spirit of sacrifice for Islam and for our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam.

May this and every Eid to follow bring happiness and joy to everyone! I leave you with this video from Mr Moo, ‘Hitler wants  a united Eid’ 😛


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NaseehaMan! :D

The Blunderous Adventures of NaseehaMan!

Check out the adventures of the blunderous NaseehaMan here! The comics are well written and really creative. Unfortunately, the author (Zuhair Munshey) passed away, and hence they’ve been discontinued 😦

It would be nice if someone with a good sense of humor (unlike me) and a proper understanding of Islam could continue this, or come up with something like it.

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