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I’ve noticed this in Pakistanis in general- they lack a sense of individuality, or independence. I mean- i look at people around the world- proud bearers of their countries- not afraid to show the world who they REALLY are, and what their beliefs are. But I see that lacking in Pakistan. Whether it be tradition, or culture, or the way you talk- even the way you perceive- it seems that we, in general, lack confidence in our own selves, and hence try to copy others opinions and ways. For example, and i quote this example again because i have been exposed to such ‘shallow minded thinking’ of people time and time again, a person with a beard is considered to be some sort of extremist, especially in our age group. Various comments have been directed at me, which I dont need to go in the specifics of. I mean DUDE, I’m living in a so-called Islamic state- do i not even have the right to practice my religion in my own town without being exposed to senseless criticism? Where do people get there ideas from? Definitely from the west-oriented media as i perceive it. Even the so called Pakistani media is but a slave of that. Where is my freedom to live as I will then?


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I was just wondering the other day- what exactly does the concept of fairness imply? Can we ever expect fairness from this world?

The answer that popped up in my mind immediately was in the negative. In this world, a single criteria is set for success- regardless of what a person has to go through, what his origins are, where he lives, etc etc- whatever attributes may have a defining factor in his success or failure. This implies that the test of this life in definitely not fair. A person born rich, may end up losing all his possessions in a matter of minutes- due to no fault of his own- and would be considered a failure. This is applicable not only in this scenario, but many other scenarios too. The eye of man is one sided- it can not look beyond the horizon, and judge fairly. We often make comments based on our limited perception, which are incorrect to the point of absurdness. (more…)

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The Greedy Altruist

In my opinion, altruism can never exist in man, and the most altruistic of men are in fact, the most greedy. For those who don’t know, altruism, according to the oxford dictionary, refers to :

“The belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others”

Hence, by looking at the definition of altruism, the first question that arises in my mind is that why would anyone be so concerned for the welfare of another that he would be willing to spend his time and wealth for his benefit, while getting nothing out of it himself? I for one, would never do that. I am not saying that I wouldn’t ever work for the needy- or help the poor- but I wouldn’t do it just because I’m selfless. In fact, I would do that because I’m very selfish. Yes- that’s right- greed is what drives me to do such acts that are assumed ‘selfless’. It isn’t merely due to selfless concern of others that man undertakes charitable deeds- rather it because he attains the most sought-after treasure that a man can have in this life, the treasure of satisfaction, and contentment. And that is indeed what he’s working for when he works for the well-being of his fellow men. To sum up my thought, I would like to quote Christina Stead, whose thought i concur with-

“Altruism is selfishness out with a pair of field glasses and imagination.”

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Who am I?

I am fast, I am furious, I am unrelenting, and unbelievably cold. I wait for no one- and every man is exposed to my trial. You can run, you can hide- but you can not escape me. I can not be bribed or bought, perhaps the only thing that can claim to be so in this world. Deception? That’s my middle name. Creating illusions? That’s my game. I may appear to be your friend, or your enemy- but in the end, I will be your victor, and you my slave. Men have tried to capture me, since the beginning of time- but all have failed, and I have prevailed. If you disregard me, I will surely become the cause of your utter destruction- but honor and respect me, and I will make you the king. Even then, you shall ultimately be my victim- for I am a silent assassin, who plays to kill, who spares no one. I do not know how to merely walk or jog- I fly, and that too at a pace that you can not comprehend. I am ever vigilant- on the move every second of the day, 24/7. The tardy ones can never hope to keep up with me. Beware- you may dismiss what I am saying for now, but it is I that will have the final laugh… for I am time.

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